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I work for Yeslam brand in Geneva, producing and designing the brand products such as watches and perfumes. I work on each step, from setting up the goals to the product launch, sketching and revising from the watch hands to the buckles. The 3 watches you can see on this page are all automatic swiss made. The movement, the dial, the hands, the case, the strap and the buckle are all produced by fantastic partners all assemble by the in-house watchmaker.


The work on Yeslam perfumes is quite the same as the luxurious watches, with of course a  more glamorous touche. It’s very exciting to select the fragrances and designing the bottles, the caps and the packagings. The Yeslam perfumes are high quality products that are produced with French and Italian partners.

Multi-usage display

This multi-usage display works perfectly as a watch display as for displaying perfumes or sunglasses. The material used are macassar wood, beechwood and sand color suede.     +41 (0) 79 278 05 45